Fresh indoor climate with Pax Vents.

What is more natural than breathing? It’s something we all do without even a second thought. The fact that we are now spending an increasing amount of time indoors should mean that we impose stringent requirements on the air quality in our homes. 

However, many people forget that buildings must also breathe in order to give those who live there a good indoor climate. Most people would agree that air with a high moisture content (e.g. the air in bathrooms after showering) must be extracted. Using a little extra ventilation after each visit to the toilet is also a natural action.

However, it is only once equivalent amounts of air are released into a building that the breathing process becomes balanced. Pax Supply Air Vents allow the correct amount of air to flow into buildings in a controlled manner.
Choose between Pax Wall Vents and Pax Window Vents, both of which are designed to effortlessly provide natural air dispersal.

Fresh air = more alert children
Fresh air = more efficient work
Fresh air = more active leisure time
Fresh air = better sleep