A towel warmer for every room

We want to inspire you and give you ideas on how you can revitalize your home and combine design with function. 
We don’t believe that the bathroom is the only place for a towel warmer and maybe therefore we should also call it a heated rail as it is so much more versatile than just to warm up towels. 
Place one in the hall for rainy autumn days when your coat is damp or wet. Hang your kitchen towels on a towel warmer in the kitchen to keep your towels fresh for longer. And who wouldn't love the luxurious feel of a nice warm dressing gown early in the morning? With a heated rail in your bedroom, your dressing gown will be warm when you wake up.

So while you’re thinking about how you’d like your home to be, we’ll keep coming up with more ideas, models and smart solutions for all settings where it can be practical and pleasant to dry and warm up damp textiles. 
This is our mission.