Pax TR-i

Electric towel rail with Momento timer

The towel rails that remember your showering habits • Classic shape with bent tubes. • Fixed to the wall or pivoting – you decide! • Pivoting zinc wall bracket – can be connected to electricity at any corner. • Timer with a unique memory function. • Reduce energy consumption by up to 75%. • Low energy consumption – from only 40W • High-quality feel and surface finish. • Built-in electric heating cable. Independent of water, ventilation and sanitation/hot water system • Smart separate connection box for simple electrical connections/towel rail docking.

Pax TR55-i 460x750
Effect: 40W


Imagine always having a warm, dry and pleasant towel to dry yourself with after your shower. If you’ve ever experienced the feeling of a warm towel, you’ll know exactly what we mean. Your towels will also benefit from rapidly drying on a Pax towel rail. There’s less risk of them becoming “stale” and smelling unpleasant, and you won’t need to wash them as often. Towel rail – for a better indoor environment. The heat in Pax towel rails contributes to air currents in the bathroom. This is particularly important during the summer when humidity is at its highest and underfloor heating is normally switched off. A Pax towel rail in combination with active ventilation contributes to creating a good air climate and reduces the risk of mould. A good climate in the bathroom is beneficial for both residents and buildings. Energy-smart. By selecting a Pax towel rail with smart, energy-saving functions, you can reap the benefits of lower electricity bills and still have warm, dry towels and a better indoor climate. The smart functions mean that the pleasant heat of the towel rail can be adapted to the family’s needs and showering routines without the towel rail having to run round the clock.


Pax TR55-i 460x750
Article no.
Multi-pole Switch
Built-in light
Power consumption
230V AC 50Hz
IP code
IP44 (zone 1)
Insulation class
Class II must not be protectively earthed
Intertek S Mark
Electric, heating cable
Electrical installation
Note: All permanent electrical installation work must be done by a qualified electrician.
Dwg TR55 I 460X750

Momento™ timer

Momento™ – Timer with unique memory function. Reduces energy consumption by up to 75 percent. Why should your towel rail consume electricity when you’re not using it? With Momento™ you can easily adapt your towel rail to your routines. Momento™ is a unique timer that is incredibly easy to programme and use. The two buttons on the timer give you several options that allow you to reduce the energy consumption of the towel rail by up to 75%. In this way, you can easily reduce your electricity costs without needing to compromise on your daily luxuries. How does Momento work? Press button 1 or 2 briefly to start the Momento™ one-off timer. It turns off automatically after six hours. You can also programme Momento™ so that it follows your fixed routines, with up to two repeatable time intervals. Keep button 1 pressed for more than three seconds at the time of day you want the towel rail to switch on. The towel rail will now give you warm towels at the same time each day. If you would like to set a time, do the same thing again but press button 2 instead.


WallFix™ – the smart, separate connection box Permanent (hidden) electrical connection: With the smart, separate Pax WallFix™ connection box, it’s easy to connect electricity. Screw the connection box to the wall, connect the electricity and then dock the towel rail. The connection box has plenty of space and electricity is connected via a terminal block. Note: All permanent electrical work must be done by a qualified electrician. Cable, sold separately: A cable (1.5 m) with plug is available as an accessory for connection to an electric socket. Note: Only a qualified electrician may install the cable on Pax towel rails.

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