Towel warmers

How much water should I fill in the towel warmer during installation? Fill water up to the upper cross pipe so that half of the pipe is filled with water. Remember that too little water can damage the heating element, and too much water doesn't leave enough space for the water to expand during heating, so be sure to do it right. Always consult a qualified installer if you are unsure. Water expands when heated, so let the air valve be open the first time the warmer is heated to its maximum temperature, around 60-65 degrees Celsius. Close the valve when the warmer is at its hottest.
Am I allowed to install the towel warmer myself? If your towel warmer has a factory-fitted plug, you can install it yourself, but only if the power outlet is located outside of zone 1 (see general building regulations).
What type of towel warmer suits me? If you're only going to use your towel warmer to dry and warm towels and clothes, an electric towel warmer is sufficient. Then you can choose from the entire Pax range.
Can I install the towel warmer upside down? No! Our products are designed to be installed in a specific orientation. If you install the product in the wrong direction, there is a high risk that it will not function properly. Always consult a qualified installer if you are unsure.
What is the center-to-center measurement? The center-to-center measurement is the distance between the center of the connection pipes and the screw holes.
What is meant by combined water and electric? If you have a water-filled towel warmer, you can install it in your radiator system with a radiator valve. However, it's always good to supplement it with an electric element so that you can use the towel warmer even in the summer when the heating in the house is often turned off. In the summer, the towel warmer is most important because the high humidity causes clothes and towels to dry slowly. This increases the risk of mold and bacterial growth.
What is VVC? This system is found almost exclusively in multi-family houses. Pax adheres to Safe Water's industry regulations and does not advocate the installation of towel warmers on DHWS systems, partly due to the risk of Legionella bacteria growth.
What happens to my product during a power outage? If you have a timer set without the app, it will disappear after a power outage. If the timer is programmed via the app, it will remain, but the Momento II™ will have lost the time/clock, indicating this by slowly blinking red. To reset this, simply connect with the app, and it will receive the current time. Products without timers are either on or off.
Why should I choose Momento II™? If you use the Pax Wireless app, you can set up to 20 individual timers per week, and you can adjust the power from 20 to 100 percent via the app. Through the app, you can also connect your Momento II™ with the Pax Norte bathroom fan so that the towel warmer activates when the humidity level increases. This function does not affect other functions/timers.
What are IP ratings? When installing an electrical appliance in a bathroom or another room with water fixtures, you must consider the so-called IP ratings. Each electrical appliance is labeled with an ingress protection (IP) rating, which indicates how protected it is against water and dust. Wet areas are divided into three IP zones, with each zone having a minimum IP rating that can be used. It is always the qualified installer who determines where in the wet area the installation can take place.
What should I consider when choosing radiator valves? Determine if you have the option to install your combination towel warmer with concealed pipes in the wall or with surface-mounted radiator pipes. Then, it's important to consider whether you'll be running your combination towel warmer solely on the radiator system or combined with an electric element. We recommend the combined option for guaranteed comfort year-round, even when the radiator system is turned off during the summer.
What does CE and S marking mean? The CE marking is a legal requirement within the EU. By CE marking their product, the manufacturer certifies that the product meets the safety requirements applicable within the EU. The S-mark is a voluntary certification. With the S-mark, the manufacturer informs the customer that the product has been tested and approved by Intertek. Intertek is an independent testing laboratory that tests products to determine if they meet safety requirements, including electrical safety, fire protection, and mechanical hazards.
Installation video for Pax towel warmers

Installation video for Pax combined towel warmers

Instructions for pairing between Pax Norte bathroom fan and towel warmer via our app "Pax Wireless"

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