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Our aim is to create healthy indoor environments in a sustainable manner, and this can be seen in everything we do.
With this in mind, the Volution Group has developed a sustainability strategy that is based on three key words; Product, Planet, People.


– A sustainable and healthy indoor environment 

We create products that have been designed to improve the air quality in our homes. As well as improving the indoor environment for people, we also want to help make the world less carbon-intensive. 

We are certified in accordance with ISO 9001. This means that we are constantly working to improve, meet and exceed our goals and ambitions. 

We will: 
Focus on developing products that are as energy-smart as possible, as well as strive to achieve our goal of net zero emissions. 

Develop ventilation products that create clean indoor air, promote human health and improve people’s comfort. 

A sustainable product range
The demand for low-carbon products is on the rise, and our sustainable product range is expanding in line with this. We are developing products that have a long service life without compromising when it comes to design and function. 

The home of the future 
We are prepared to invest heavily in future innovations that can lead to more sustainable homes. We focus consistently on reduced emissions and improved air quality in the design of our products. 

By collaborating with our customers, we are able to learn more about creating energy-efficient and healthy indoor environments. 


– Reduced emissions and sensible material choices  

We will: 
Reduce our environmental impact through improvements right across the business. 

Select high-quality materials that have a long service life, as well as support the creation of a circular economy.  

Reduce all types of waste throughout our value chain. 

Clear goals 
We are certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and are working towards becoming carbon-neutral in the future. We have laid down clear short-term, medium-term and long-term targets in respect of carbon reduction. 

Every year, we will report on the extent to which we are meeting our targets in the Group’s annual report. 


– Commitment, inclusion and appreciation 

We will: 
Ensure that all our employees feel engaged, included and appreciated. Working for us, each and every employee should be able to meet their full potential.  

Build relationships, provide support where required and leave a lasting legacy. 

Train our employees in respect of quality, sustainability and work environment issues in order to avoid accidents and improve the work environment. 

Diversity, equity, inclusion and well-being  
We welcome employees of different nationalities, cultures, backgrounds and sexual orientations. We want to contribute to a workplace that is characterised by mutual respect, where all our employees feel valued and where their efforts make a difference.  

The supply chain 
We conduct ongoing audits of our subcontractors to ensure that they meet the demands stipulated regarding employee health and safety, that their working methods are ethical and that their staff are treated fairly.   

Our guiding principles are respect, safety and inclusion. We consider that the same principles should be applied within all our supply chains, so that we can meet our common goal: to create good indoor environments in a sustainable manner. 

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