Pax – innovating every day since 1945

After the Second World War, the world was reset. It went from suffering and ruin to peace and hope for the future. Sweden put all its energy into growth and development, a situation that was perfect for inventor and entrepreneur Folke Andersson from Eskilstuna. The same year the war ended, he founded Pax and started producing extractor fans for kitchens. The meaning of the company’s name is far from coincidental: Pax is the Latin word for “peace”.

Wealth continued to grow in Sweden, and people developed new habits. People started showering, for example, and taking long, frequent baths. Natural bathroom ventilation was no longer enough. Folke Andersson, who had by then moved offices and production to the town of Hälleforsnäs in Sörmland, saw a solution, and Pax launched Sweden’s first extractor fan made and approved for wet rooms.

Every year, Pax sells almost 100,000 wet room fans. Since Folke Andersson founded the company, around three million Pax fans have been sold, contributing to better air in the home.

In 2013, Pax was acquired by Volution Holdings, and is today part of the publicly-listed Volution Group Plc, a leading supplier of ventilation products with main markets in the UK and Northern Europe. 

Every day, we endeavour to continue Folke Andersson’s innovation. Our range now includes a full breadth of heat and ventilation products which all contribute to a sustainable, modern and healthy environment at home.

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